Presented By Sabrang Radio:

Corral Stampede Ground, Calgary


Community Participants

Community organizations are a crucial part of this event. Their information booths enable festival attendees to learn of the many and diverse services offered within the region.

Calgary is a growing community and we are fortunate to have so many groups working hard in our area to make Calgary one of the country's best communities to live in.

Performers on the main stage at Stampede Corral

The events main stage offers entertainment all day long allowing attendees to enjoy folk music and dance from India (Indian Bollywood & Bhangra), Brazil, Sudan, Nigeria, China, First Nation of Canada, Polish, Philippines, Afghanistan, Russia, The Scottish Highlands, Chile, Colombia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Aboriginal Canada, Drums of Senegal, Spain, Egypt and much more.

Local performers share the stage with up and coming local ethno-cultural youth groups. A true diversity of talent.


We invite you to Volunteer at this event: For further information please contact the phone numbers below :
(403) 400-0203 (Rajesh) or (403) 808-2273 (Pierre Hournou)